Fathers Day 2012

Fathers Day 2012 will be celebrated on Sunday, June 17. Each year, Fathers Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June. Like Mothers Day 2012, Fathers Day is celebrated on a Sunday, ensuring that children can remove themselves from the stresses of work and truly enjoy a relaxing and fun day together with their fathers. When the holiday first came about it 1972, it was common for people to highlight the financial importance of the “working father” on Fathers Day, but today other aspects of their fathers are honored, such as parenting. It is typical on Fathers Day for children to take their fathers to dinner. Often children buy gifts for their fathers on this holiday or engage in other activities that will appeal to their dads. For example, on Fathers Day 2012, some active families will celebrate the holiday by playing sports together and doing activities that appeal to the father of the household. Fathers Day 2012 has quite an interesting history. In 1908, 200 men died in West Virginia as a result of a mining accident. A lady named Grace Clayton organized Fathers Day as a day to honor the lives of these men that had died, and over time the holiday evolved to be a more general celebration of fathers in the United States. President Nixon made the day official in 1972.