How to Blend the Perfect Milkshake

A hot summer day can be made so much sweeter with an icy cold milkshake. Perfectly blended milk and your favorite flavor of delicious ice cream combine into a hard to beat drink sensation.

Yet, homemade shakes can be icy, lumpy, thin or flavorless. Learn how to whip up the perfect milkshake in your own blender and then begin experimenting with flavors that the local sweet shop may not be able to imagine.

Blend the Perfect Shake


  1. Let the ice cream sit on the counter for about 10 to 15 minutes prior to blending a milkshake.

  2. For one milkshake, fill a blender with 3 to 4 scoops of softened ice cream and then add about 1/2 cup of whole milk.

  3. Blend the mixture of soft ice cream and milk for about 20 to 30 seconds.
    Note: Slightly more milk may be required to make the milkshake thin enough to drink through a straw.

  4. Generally, milkshakes are best with a 4:1 ratio of ice cream to milk. Keep this in mind when making multiple shakes.
    A typical blender can make about 2 to 4 milkshakes at a time.


  • Since milkshakes are a splurge, and not a time to worry about calories, reach for the whole (full fat!) milk for best results.

  • Textures can be added to milkshakes using about anything that strikes your fancy. Experiment with frozen fruits, boxed cereals, granolas, chocolates, cookies, cakes, sprinkles, sweet crackers, use your imagination. These chunks may eventually clog your straw while drinking, but the taste sensation might just be worth the struggle! As an added bonus, this struggle might just prevent the typical “brain freeze” that can occur when frozen drinks are consumed too quickly.

  • Liquid flavorings such as vanilla, mint and almond can enhance your milkshake experience.
    Feel free to use vanilla beans, fresh mint, chopped almonds, etc. in lieu of the liquid forms of flavorings for an even more enhanced milkshake experience.

  • Syrups such as caramel and chocolate can also easily change the flavor of a basic shake. Just squeeze some in at any point of the process. Consider squeezing a syrup into an empty glass prior to pouring the milkshake into the glass.

  • Powders can also be added into milkshakes during the blending process. Consider protein powder, chocolate powder, instant coffee or even malt powder for a touch of nostalgia in every sip.

  • This is not a time to use up any old milk that is beginning to smell sour. Don’t take chances here, fresh milk is needed for the best milkshakes. Using up older ice cream can be OK, as a few ice crystals will blend up into the shake without issues, but see the additional information section below to be sure that your ice cream is not past its EatByDate.

  • For the more creative and/or foodie types, add a bunch of toppings to your shake that compliment the drink itself. Various forms of chocolate will do the trick for most folks, but again the options are pretty limitless.

Blend the Perfect Milkshake

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