Proper Temperature to Store Red Wine

What is the Proper Temperature to Store Red Wine?
What is the best temperature for storing wine?
Do different wines store better at different temperatures?

Proper storage temperature for red wine is considered to be 55°F. Red wine is generally also served at this same storage temperature. Although proper wine […]

By | November 6th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

What is Blind-Baking?

What is blind baking?

It could be a test of how baking proficiency… place on a blindfold and see if you can bake correctly! Just kidding, blind baking is an actual term in the world of pie making. It is basically baking the crust before the actual pie is assembled to prevent […]

By | October 21st, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

Why are Eggs Stored Pointy End Down?

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Why are Eggs Stored Pointy End Down?

Eggs are stored with the pointed end pointing down into the carton for safety reasons.

Egg shells are porous. Although rare, it is possible for bacteria to seep through the shell of an egg and into […]

By | July 20th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

Can Olive Oil Go Bad?

Can olive oil go bad?


Yes, olive oil can go bad.
Usually we speak of it as rancid because that best describes the taste when olive oil has gone bad. We’ve talked about olive oil before, but now let’s look at the reason that some oils expire or go bad before […]

By | July 14th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

Freezing Eggs


Can you freeze eggs?


Yes, you can freeze eggs.
But, yes there’s a but, they must be handled slightly first in order to prevent problems. Shell eggs (an egg still in its shell) should NOT be frozen.

While many people may wonder why someone would even want to freeze eggs, […]

By | June 30th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

What’s the Best Cooking Oil?

What’s the best cooking oil?
What’s the best oil for deep frying? What’s the best oil for salads? What’s the best oil for baking? And, for those who choose not to mess with storing a bunch of multiple oils, what’s the best all purpose oil?

The best cooking oil to use […]

By | June 22nd, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

What is Organic Meat?


What is organic meat?


We talked before about what organic means for grocery products in general, but now this term and many others are showing up on meats. Let’s take a closer look into the term “organic” and discover what it actually means when speaking specifically about meat. […]

By | May 4th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

Egg Sizing


How much does an egg weigh?
Are eggs of one uniform weight? What are the possible sizes of eggs? When speaking of eggs and egg labeling – what are the different sizes available?


Although the shape of an egg is quite consistent, eggs come in many different sizes and weights. The USDA actually […]

By | April 20th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

Why Do Older Eggs Make Better Hard Boiled Eggs?


Why do older eggs make better hard boiled eggs?


Simply put, the natural aging process makes older eggs better suited for letting go of their shell. Let’s look into what time does to eggs.

The thing with product dates, as we’ve said many times before, is that […]

By | April 12th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

How and Why are Eggs Graded?


How are eggs graded? What difference does a grade make? Why do eggs get report cards? When speaking of eggs and egg labeling – what does their grade mean?

Egg inspection is a mandatory requirement by the USDA whereas egg grading is an optional step. Inspections are for egg […]

By | April 4th, 2019|Blog, FAQ|

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