Can You Refreeze Fish?

Can You Refreeze Fish?

If the fish has been properly defrosted in the refrigerator, or in cold water that was changed every 30 minutes, then it can be safely refrozen within a strict two day timeframe.

Fish can be refrozen once it has thawed, […]

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Does Peanut Butter Need to be Refrigerated?


Does peanut butter need refrigeration?


Actually, peanut butter does NOT need to be refrigerated.

People generally refer to peanut butter as either natural peanut butter or peanut butter. A common misconception is that natural nut butters need refrigeration while regular peanut butter does not. There is indeed a difference […]

By | September 12th, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

How Long to Marinate Chicken?


How long to marinate chicken?


Chicken is a relatively thin and light protein, with a structure that is less dense than that of beef or pork. Because of this, it does not take marinades as long to penetrate the meat. Chicken does not need a marinade to make it tender, but one can […]

By | September 1st, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

Does Ketchup Need Refrigeration?

Ketchup, like many other condiments, is pretty shelf stable. Think about a burger joint where you see ketchup bottles on the table all day and night. Many places just fill those same bottles up to begin the next days business, over and over again. These practices bring people to question the […]

By | August 23rd, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

Does Freezing Kill Germs?


Does freezing kill germs?
Does freezing kill bacteria?


This answer may surprise you, but it turns out that bacteria actually can survive even in the deepest freeze. It doesn’t flourish, but it does survive.

Can you take that casserole left in the back of the fridge for longer […]

By | August 18th, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

Does Soy Sauce Need to be Refrigerated?

Does soy sauce need to be refrigerated? Soy sauce, along with most other condiments, are pretty shelf stable. Almost all of them are sold on the shelf anyways, so we don’t even think of putting them into the refrigerator until after they are opened. Once opened, there are options as to where […]

By | July 31st, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

What is Frozen Custard?

What is frozen custard?
What is the difference between frozen custard and ice cream?
How about gelato vs frozen custard?


Frozen custard incorporates egg yolks into the ingredient list to make it thicker and richer than ice cream. You can almost taste the incredible texture by looking at this black […]

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What is the Best Way to Reheat Rice?

What is the best way to reheat rice?

Cooked rice will tend to dry out and lose moisture when stored in the refrigerator. So, what is the best way to make it soft and fluffy once again? Look no further than the microwave when ready to reheat leftover rice.

By | July 19th, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

Does Cake Need to be Refrigerated?

Does cake need to be refrigerated?
Is it necessary to refrigerate cake?
Can you freeze cake?

Unfrosted cake does not need to be refrigerated.
Frosted cakes, on the other hand, may need to be placed into the refrigerator for extended safe keeping. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in the cake frosting […]

By | July 14th, 2018|Blog, FAQ|

What is Kefir?


What is Kefir?


There’s another new probiotic in town and it’s called Kefir. Kefir is a cultured milk product (basically, fermented milk) that is thicker than milk and thinner than yogurt. Some kefir labels refer to the product as a “cultured milk smoothie”, “probiotic smoothie” and even the “Champagne of milks”. This […]

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