American Flag Cakes

I usually refer to these cakes as 4th of July cakes, because that’s when I make it every year, but they can be made for so many different occasions. These American flag cakes are not only festive for the 4th of July, but they work great for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or a Welcome Home party for the special military person in your life. For that matter, who needs an occasion to be patriotic? A flag cake works for any day of the year.

My mother always says that after the 4th, summer just flies by. Maybe that’s because the 4th of July is just so much fun. The food, fireworks, friends, family and finale of the fourth with a patriotic American flag cake. I always make the same cake, it’s tradition. It’s an easy one but yet pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Plus, I kid myself into believing that it’s healthy since it’s topped with fresh fruit! I also like it because you can make it and take it right in the pan, perfect to carry outdoors and add to the festivities.

Following is this basic cake plus many different variations of american flag cakes for you to enjoy, including cupcakes and cake balls. Find the perfect one to show off your patriotic spirit.

Standard American Flag Cakes

Flag Cake

Start with a basic cooled cake, cover in homemade whipped cream and then top with fresh fruit. Here are three variations of a basic American Flag Cake, using that simple assembly (details for all below pictures).

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Instructions For the Above Cakes:

Just make any cake you like, we love dark chocolate with whipped cream frosting. After frosting your cake, place fresh washed blueberries in the left hand corner and line up fresh strawberry halves (or whole raspberries) across the rest of the cake in rows.

If using whipped cream be sure to refrigerate the cake to ensure that your whipped cream does not spoil. And if you use Redi-Whip, then decorate the cake just before serving so it doesn’t melt into the cake.

You can make a stationary american flag cake or an american flag cake blowing in the wind. This decor also looks great on pies, think maybe blueberry pie?

That’s my go-to cake, but there many others that follow which also create quite a dessert for an American flag cake presentation. If your celebration calls for a different flag, just change up the colors and/or designs to fit your flag cake occasion.

American Flag Cake - Cake Balls

Cake Balls
American Flag Cake – Cake Balls

Cake balls have been quite the rage lately and do not require a special pan or grill like I first thought when seeing one the store. They are so moist and yummy. Even the kids can make these cake balls with the great step by step pictured instructions provided if you click the link to the left of the cake picture. And they’re so easy to pop in your mouth, no plates or even sticks are required for this American flag cake presentation. You can roll them in colored sprinkles for even more sparkle (and less stickiness).

American Flag Cake - Cupcakes

Flag Cupcakes
American Flag Cake – Cupcakes

Make an American flag cake with cupcakes or mini-cupcakes. Again, easy to transport and serve.

American Flag Cake - Layer Cakes

Flag Cake Layers

This next American flag cake is awesome for a dessert buffet, where you will slice up the cake and present the pieces for pick-up. The flag is boldly represented on each piece that is cut from this American flag cake. It looks like it took superglue and many crafty hours to put together, but with this explanation of a simple trick and step by step picture illustrations you should be able to put together an American flag cake in no time. This one looks amazingly hard to do when presented a slice, people will think you are very clever! We suggest adding some white chocolate mini chips to the blue layer, which makes an illusion of stars on the american flag cake.

Flag Cupcakes
American Flag Cake – Layers

Surprise! When you slice it for your table, everyone will be wowed.

American Flag Cake With Piping

Piped Flag Cake
American Flag Cake – Wilton

For those a little more adept at using a piping tool for icing a cake, Wilton has several ideas for an american flag cake. Use the link to the left of the cake picture for detailed instructions.

American Flag Cake Alternative - Fireworks

Piped Flag Cake
American Flag Cake – Fireworks

Although this next one is not really an American flag cake and is made in a bundt pan, it proudly represents the red, white and blue and then adds extra 4th of July celebration by looking like a beautiful explosion of fireworks! The link to the left of the fireworks cake provides step by step instructions by Betty Crocker.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

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