Conserve Your Alcohol - How to Store Open Wine and Champagne

A glass of wine before dinner can be a relaxing treat, but if you don’t want to finish off the bottle it can also be wasteful. One problem is that when you replace the cork it came with, the bottle becomes too tall for your refrigerator shelf and another is that it often leaves tiny bits of cork in the next glass poured. You don’t want to leave the bottle open or the wine may spill or pick up traces of other foods or odors. Either way, it will experience a very short shelf life. The same is true for an open bottle of champagne, with the added problem of the champagne loosing all of its CO2 and becoming flat.

Here’s a solution to all the above problems, and it’s not too bad to look at!

Practical & Pretty Bottle Corks

You can actually extend the shelf life of open champagne with these pretty flowers! These silicone flowers seal tight and fit flat onto the top of bottles of wine, champagne and specialty beer. Most often, they can fit standing up on your refrigerator shelf. They are watertight and airtight and don’t leave bits of anything in the remaining liquid. They are made with food grade silicone (no BPA’s) and are completely washable.

wine stoppers

We tried these stoppers on a bottle of open champagne. The next day the champagne was still bubbly. The day after that the cork still had a strong pop when removed from the bottle and the champagne was still full of bubbles. And on the third day… still bubbling! The following picture was taken on the third day of storage with this wine stopper. The fourth day was fairly flat.

wine stoppers

Other Handy Food Storage Products

After trying these wine and champagne stoppers and realizing that they are indeed as practical as they are pretty, we went on to try the other products from this same manufacturer…

All of the above lids and seals will cling tightly to any smooth rim. They are airtight and watertight, eliminating the use of plastic wrap and tin foil to cover foods. These lids are so pretty and take up minimal real estate in your drawer. These products are all practical, re-usable, washable and eco-friendly. They are especially handy for mixing bowls, for instance cookie dough that you want to place into the refrigerator for an hour or two before baking. Use them to keep food from being exposed to other ingredients in the fridge (no need to waste plastic wrap) and/or to keep foods from splattering while cooking (no need to waste your tin foil either).

The smaller ones are handy to cover your cup of coffee or your smoothie, as they help retain the temperature within your mug or glass – whether it be hot or cold!

The tiny flowers just add a little bit of pretty fun to a wine tasting or cocktail party. There are six unique flowers that stick onto glass in order to let you know which glass is yours. Wine markers are good for wine glasses, but these little markers can also be used with stemless glassware. They remove easily and are washable, but they are tiny and easy to lose down the disposal so be careful when using these wine markers.

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