Breakfast Salads? Try Some!

Breakfast salads are not new, I’m quite sure, but I recently experienced one for the first time. I mean, I’ve had my share of fruit salads for breakfast but never even considered digging into a bowl of lettuce, an actual breakfast salad, in the morning! Then I heard people raving about this little place called the Stanley Baking Company hidden in the small mountain village of Stanley, ID. They said everything was absolutely delicious, but that I should try the “Wookie”. Following their advice, I got in line.

These people knew what they were talking about, everything in that place was fabulous! Since I can’t even begin to tell you how good it was, I’ll have to show you. And seriously, the picture does not do it justice. The toast looks dry, but it’s sourdough and they serve it with a homemade raspberry jam that is to die for. The sausage patty is also homemade and, coming from someone who always chooses bacon over sausage, unbelievably delicious.

I didn’t mean to get off on that tangent, but I do love to go out for breakfast and that place was the best! Furthermore, if you ever end up in the Sawtooth Mountains, I suggest you do the same. In the meantime, back to my discovery of breakfast salads with pictures and recipes for creating them at home, the real purpose of this post.

Breakfast Salads

Breakfast Salad Recipes

breakfast salad

A bite of sausage, egg, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, quinoa, creamy almond sauce and arugula in each flavorful bite made my taste buds explode. This is my picture from the Bakery Café, but this breakfast salad could make quick use of leftovers from dinner if made at home… just start with some arugula in a bowl and then grab & shred the leftover baked sweet potato and add some leftover brussels sprouts and quinoa (I think it was the sweet potato that really made this salad base special so don’t eliminate that ingredient). Then all you have to do is fry up a breakfast sausage patty and poach a couple of eggs. The yolk running from the eggs creates a nice dressing for the arugula but if you’d like to add an almond cream sauce, I found a recipe here. Get creative and use up those dinner leftovers for breakfast before it’s too late.

Breakfast salads can be multiple foods combined in countless ways. Different types of greens, fruits and other vegetables mixed with leftovers can create a healthy breakfast salad that suits your own personality. A poached egg cracked over fresh greens is a highlight in most of these salad recipes, but not always necessary.

Here are a few breakfast salad recipes that I found which might be able to get you started down the path of creating and enjoying some breakfast salads in your home. Just click the picture to be taken to the salad recipe.

Summer Veggie Breakfast Salad

breakfast salad

Vegetarian Breakfast Salad

vegetarian breakfast salad

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Salad

bacon & egg breakfast salad

Kale Breakfast Salad

breakfast salad

Sweet Breakfast Salad with Pomegranate & Cinnamon Toast Croutons

sweet breakfast salad

Fresh Fruit Breakfast Salad

fruit breakfast salad

Quinoa Breakfast Salad

quinoa breakfast salad

Italian Caprese Breakfast Salad Toast

bruschetta breakfast salad

Mexican Breakfast Salad

mexican breakfast salad

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