Can Blue Cheese Go Bad?

Can Blue Cheese go bad?

Yes, blue cheese can go bad.
Blue cheese, just like any other type of cheese, can actually go bad.
To many people, blue cheese is already bad and they won’t even purchase the stuff. To others, it’s a strong taste that they desire to experience over and over again. If you purchase blue cheese you need to be aware how to tell if blue cheese has gone bad, so please read on.

can blue cheese go bad

Can Blue Cheese Go Bad?

Can Blue Cheese Go Bad?

The best advice we can give on how to tell if blue cheese has gone bad begins with telling everyone to examine their blue cheese purchase right from the start. First take a sniff and remember that strong smell of fresh blue cheese. Look at the color of the mold and notice the bluish green colors throughout. Also look at the un-molded part of the cheese and note the creamy white color. Then feel it and finally, taste it. Try to remember all of these things you’ve just experienced for comparison so that you know all the qualities of fresh blue cheese.

So, blue cheese can go bad. Now, we’ll point out all the things that can go bad with blue cheese so that you can recognize if blue cheese is going bad and recognize when your blue cheese has gone bad. Following are the tell-tale signs of blue cheese gone bad.

  • Does it smell like ammonia?
    If so, it’s probably gone bad. Blue cheese has a strong distinct odor, but it doesn’t smell like ammonia.

  • The white part of the cheese begins to turn colors.
    Pink, brown or green colors may begin to appear in the areas that were once white (around the blue-green mold of the blue cheese).

  • The texture of the cheese may become slimy or even fuzzy.
    Blue cheese may be slightly sticky, but never slimy. Blue cheese contains mold, but certainly not the fuzzy kind of mold.

  • Taste is the final frontier.
    If everything listed above appears normal, and not as listed, then you can take a tiny taste of the cheese in question. Although fresh blue cheese does have a strong taste, spoiled blue cheese is so strong that it will almost bite you when you take a bite. Remember to take a tiny taste, as a tiny bit of spoiled blue cheese won’t hurt you.

  • You might be wondering when all of this can happen. If the blue cheese is left out on the counter, then don’t let it go any longer than two days (less if there is extreme heat). Blue cheese is best stored in the fridge. In the refrigerator, blue cheese should last for up to a month. In the freezer, it is best to use it before six months pass.

    Can Blue Cheese Go Bad?

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