Can You Freeze Yogurt (Yoghurt)


Can you freeze yogurt (yoghurt)?


Yes, you can freeze yogurt (yoghurt). It is safe to freeze yogurt. After all, you’ve heard of frozen yogurt right?

can you Freeze Yogurt

Can You Freeze Yogurt (Yoghurt)

Notes About Freezing Yogurt

Although most yogurts defrost rather well, some of the thicker yogurts experience a change in consistency when defrosted. They may become slightly chunky in parts and runny in other parts when defrosted, depending on the brand of yogurt. The answer to can you freeze yogurt, especially with greek yogurts, will often bring a safe yet less desirable product once defrosted.

Also, yogurt cultures will slow down while frozen allowing the yogurt to last longer.

Tip: Some yogurts that freeze especially well are Go-gurt brand yogurt that is purchased in plastic tubes. Go-gurt freezes so well that it works great to throw into a lunch box frozen. It keeps a sandwich cool and is the perfect eating consistency when time for lunch.

Can You Freeze Yogurt (Yoghurt)

Additional Info

So, turns out that you can freeze yogurt.

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