Are Canned Beans Healthy?


Are canned beans healthy?
Are dried beans better than canned?


Canned beans are just as nutritious as dried beans! Great news for those of us without the forethought to soak dried beans overnight the day before we’re ready to use them. Who thinks that far ahead?

are canned beans healthy

Are Canned Beans Healthy?

Are Dried or Canned Beans Healthier?

All beans are packed full of fiber, protein, nutrients and antioxidants.
That’s true of fresh beans, dried beans, frozen beans and canned beans.
So… Yes, canned beans are as nutritious as dried beans!

The thing to watch for in almost all canned goods, including beans, is added salt. Salt is a preservative and is added during the canning process in order to increase shelf life and make canned goods last for very long times. So, when buying canned beans (and other canned vegetables and soups) try reaching for the reduced salt or low sodium varieties.

canned bean nutrition

Canned beans are a timesaver over dried beans, especially if you are not a planner and don’t think ahead. Canned beans can be eaten right out of the can. Whereas dried beans must be soaked, typically overnight, in advance of being ready to cook. Only then are they ready to boil or simmer until soft.

canned bean nutrition

Many beans are also offered frozen, which are also just as nutritious but do need to be thawed before use, making them also take slightly longer to get on the table. Also, frozen beans will not last as long as canned or dried beans because moisture will eventually cause freezer burn on the beans.

Are Canned Beans Healthy?

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