Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cake

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with this easy to make Cinco de Mayo Piñata cake. Coordinate it with your piñata colors for twice the fun!

An easy to make bundt cake leaves a perfect hole to hide plenty of candy. The candy then falls out only when the cake is sliced open.

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Piñata Cake Ingredients

Ingredients for a Piñata Cake

Since the Mexican Flag is red, white and green I started with some leftover Christmas products. A cake made with your favorite recipe (or a bundt cake made with cake mix), frostings (packaged or made & dyed in bright colors) and M&M’s (or other small candies) are all you need to make this surprise Cinco de Mayo Piñata cake.

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Piñata Cake Recipe

Instructions for Piñata Cake

    1) Make your favorite cake and pour it into a large bundt pan. Bake and completely cool the cake.
    cinco ingredients
    2) Flip the cooled cake onto a plate. Pour your candy of choice into the center hole of the cake.
    cinco ingredients
    3) Place the lid from a frosting can (washed & dryed first) over the center of the cake to cover the center hole.
    cinco ingredients
    4) Decorate as desired with frosting.
cinco ingredients
Surprise! When you slice into the cake, out falls the candy!

Additional Information

This cake is best served the same day as it was baked. Some moisture from the cake will slowly seep into the M&M’s and begin to deteriorate their famous crunchy shell.

If you choose to use 2 round pans for a layer cake instead of using a bundt pan, then you will need to cut a hole into the inside center of each cake. Do not cut all the way through each layer. Pile ingredients into the hole and frost only around the outside ring and then carefully place the top layer on.

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