Gifts for Cooks

Is there a home cook and/or aspiring chef on your gift list this year? If so, you might want to look through our list of stocking stuffers for cooks. We’ve got several gift suggestions in the $10 and under category and in the $20 and under category.

Browse through these gift suggestions, and easily order them online if you see something that someone might like. Most cooks would enjoy a fun little tool to make things a little easier around the kitchen.

avocado slicer stocking stuffer

Stocking Stuffers for Cooks

Stocking Stuffers ($10 & under):

Food prep helpers – lid lifters that allow for a crack in the lid so that boiling pots can remain covered but not boil over, a chop & scrape tool for a smooth cut & lift transition and a better way to brush on toppings:

For those who believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day – molds for pancakes, poached eggs, muffins & more:

We found these next two specialty slicers at a local Walmart. They are cute and cheap, yet actually work exceptionally well. For $4.97, allow your recipient the choice of serving avocados either sliced or smashed. For $6.36, provide them a smile while they prepare to serve beautifully sliced hard boiled eggs:

avocado slicer
avocado slicer

egg slicer
egg slicer

Christmas Gifts for Cooks

Christmas Gifts for Cooks ($20 & under):

For the wine affectionate – because presentation, opening and pouring is as important as the bottle itself:

For the hostess who enjoys serving and entertaining:

For the grill master in your life:

For the chef with precision in mind:

Christmas Gifts for Cooks

Additional Info

Keep in mind when looking for the proper gift for cooks the current trend of creating healthy meals and healthy snacks.

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