Cooking With Pumpkin

October… the leaves are turning into beautiful colors across much of the country as pumpkin fields are being harvested. Fall is a lovely time of year in many respects. As the weather cools a little we tend to turn on the oven more often and do more baking than we did in the summer. Pumpkins, although they do make fabulous pies, can actually be a great addition to many different recipes that you may have never even considered.

We found this fall inspired information graphic on the Libby website that we wanted to share. If you love the taste of pumpkin, then use this table to spice up your own recipes or check the Libby’s website for a multitude of pumpkin inspired recipes.

Pumpkin Baking

Cooking With Pumpkin

Substitute With Pumpkin

Pumpkin Instead
That’s the basic chart for cooking with pumpkin, but for even greater inspiration… here are the details (in very cool pictures) on all the crazy possibilities of what all you can actually do with pumpkin: #pumpkincan.

Pumpkin Inspired Recipes

For dozens of recipes for cooking with pumpkin check out the Libby’s website where you will find all sorts of recipes including salad dressing, smoothies, soups, breakfast ideas and hundreds of dessert recipes using pumpkin. Happy baking with pumpkin!

Additional Info

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