What is Dry Mustard


What is dry mustard?


Dry mustard is simply ground mustard seeds which are derived from the mustard plant, a vegetable plant related to the brussels sprout and broccoli plants.

Dry mustard is most often used in adding mustard flavor to vegetables and meats. Dry mustard is also used in pickling where it is prepared by adding vinegar and water.

dry mustard

More on Dry Mustard

Dry mustard is found in the spice isle of your grocery store where you are generally given three choices: black, brown (dark yellow color, used to make Dijon mustard) or white (light yellow color, used to make American mustard) with taste intensity decreasing along with the drop in color intensity.

Dry mustard is sold as either whole mustard seeds or a fine ground powder.

Dry mustard can be mixed with water, vinegar, turmeric (and a few other spices or sweeteners of choice according to the type of mustard you are creating) to produce the more typical mustard found in squeeze jars and bottles everywhere. Mustard is an excellent choice in either changing or enhancing the flavor of your sandwich or adding a little kick to your recipe.
dry mustard

Dry Mustard Missing?

If your recipe calls for dry mustard and you don’t have any on hand, check our mustard substitute page.

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