Easy Lime Zest

An Easy Way to Zest any Citrus

Here’s an “ah ha” moment that maybe not everyone has realized. Most people will place citrus on top of a grater to begin. As they begin moving the lime, some zest will fall into the bowl and some will scatter all around… inefficient, hard to measure and possibly unhealthy (if the zest is then gathered from a unclean counter).

Instead of zesting the underneath side of a piece of citrus and allowing the zest to fall all over the place… try turning things upside down like this!

lime zest

Easy Lime Zest

Zest Citrus Upside Down

Here’s a far more efficient way to zest any piece of citrus fruit:

  • Place a zester on the top side of the fruit, whether it be a lime, lemon or orange.

  • Pull the zester over the top of the fruit.

  • The zest and the oil will collect within the walls of the zester on the “underneath” side of the tool, which is now in plain sight.

  • This method makes the zest both easier to collect and to measure, with no waste!
  • Easy Lime Zest

    Easy Lime Zest

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