Expired Drivers License

We’re all about getting the full usage out of things, but a drivers license expiration date is a date that should be taken seriously, at least in the United States. Do drivers licenses expire? Oh yeah! Letting a drivers license expire can be more serious than letting many other best by dates go past!

How bad is it to drive with an expired license? The answer is that it could be super bad. If you received a notice in the mail that it’s time to renew your drivers license, then either get online or stick a check in the mail when you receive that notice. But don’t even rely on just that notice, if you’ve got a birthday approaching go ahead and take a peek at your drivers license expiration date. If it’s about to expire then it’s probably too late to renew via internet, so head out to the nearest DMV ASAP!

Expired Drivers License

Expired Drivers License

A drivers license, depending upon which state it was issued under, can last anywhere from 2 to 8 years from the issue date – but that also depends on a persons age. To view the variations by state, AAA has an alphabetical listing.

The expiration date on a license can be more serious than many other printed best by dates (except baby formula and adult nutrition, to mention a few). Renewing an expired license is not as simple as just sending a check.

Here’s what can happen if you actually drive with an expired license:

  • If you get stuck with an expired license, an appointment must be made at the Department of Motor Vehicles and an application submitted for a new license.

  • In most states, a new license will also require the taking of a test(s).

  • As with most late payments, there will be extra fees involved.

  • If you get pulled over for any reason, having an expired license will add a fine. Depending on the jurisdiction, this could add about $150 to $250 (or more) to the bill.

  • The policeman may be just the start of your troubles… your insurance also cares deeply about that license expiration date.

  • If driving your own insured car and you are in an accident with an expired license, your insurance company may not even cover the claim!
    If they do decide to cover the claim, your premiums will most likely be raised.

  • If you are driving someone else’s car and have an accident while driving with an expired license, you could open that person up to a huge lawsuit.

  • You shouldn’t drive with an expired license, but there is some good news if you’re flying… TSA regulations will allow an expired license to pass through security up to a year after the expiration date! Just be careful not to stay away too long or you might not be able to return home! Also, don’t try to get a rental car when you land.
  • Expired Drivers License

    Additional Information

    We were being vague with the above statements, as state laws govern driving issues so they can vary significantly from state to state.
    Check with DMV.XX.GOV (where XX = your 2 digit state identification code) for specific information on your state.
    But, for the safety of all concerned, please don’t let your drivers license expire.

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