Flavored Coffee

Do you like flavored coffee? I happen to love it, but many people hate it (stop reading if you fit this category!). But I don’t always love it, I have a few bags in my freezer of flavors that sounded good on the coffee package (another reason to never grocery shop when you’re hungry) but by the time they came out of my coffee maker just weren’t that appealing to my taste buds or stomach.

So, I started experimenting with flavorings at home. This way, I only make a small amount at a time and don’t waste a whole bag of coffee if I don’t like the flavor.

It’s pretty simple to do if you normally buy whole coffee beans, use a coffee grinder and then an automatic drip coffee maker with a paper filter when ready to enjoy the coffee. The instructions make flavored coffee at home follow.


How to Make Flavored Coffee

Steps to Make Flavored Coffee at Home:

1) Start with your favorite flavor ingredient – for instance roasted hazelnuts, broken cinnamon sticks, chopped vanilla beans or toasted coconut. Put twice as much coffee beans as flavor ingredient into a clean sealed jar then mix it all up. Let the jar set on the counter for a few days to get the full infusion of flavors.

2) When in the mood for flavored coffee, place some of your mixture into your coffee grinder (trying to keep the 2-1 ratio of beans to flavor ingredient into your scoop) and grind away. Then, make your coffee as usual, making sure to use a paper filter to catch all your grounds.

Enjoy! You’ve used what you had on hand and saved an extra stop at the coffee shop!

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