One Bite Banana Splits

Maybe you have seen frozen banana “ice cream” in a magazine or elsewhere on the internet. It’s a naturally delicious treat made solely with “old” frozen bananas that looks and tastes like ice cream. Sounds super, and it tastes great, but it should come with a strong “WARNING: blending frozen bananas without liquid can easily burn out your blender motor”. Been there, done that!

We wanted another way to enjoy the creamy texture provided by frozen bananas, while ensuring that our kitchen appliances remain safe. These one bite banana splits (or two bites, depending on one’s will power) have the same delicious flavor and, incredibly, almost the same texture as ice cream made from frozen bananas. Cased within a crunchy chocolate shell, we find the look of these banana splits even more inviting and their taste completely irresistible!

See for yourself:
frozen banana treats

One Bite Banana Splits

How to Make Easy Frozen Banana Treats

If you followed our instructions last month on how to freeze bananas then you are already half way to making frozen banana treats. If not, then read it now, before proceeding, so you can get some bananas into the freezer and ready to go.

These frozen banana treats, which could also be called one bite banana splits, assemble almost as quickly as they disappear. The ingredients are simple; frozen bananas, dark chocolate chips, a little coconut oil, some chopped peanuts and maraschino cherries for the top; only the taste is complex.

Here is how to make frozen banana treats:

1) Slice 2 frozen bananas into 1 inch pieces.

2) Melt 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil on defrost in the microwave, stirring between 20 to 30 second blasts.
Be careful not to burn the chocolate, it can happen very quickly.

3) Pierce each piece of banana with a fork, dip it into the melted chocolate and then immediately roll it into a bowl of chopped peanuts.

4) Place it quickly into a freezer safe container and put a maraschino cherry on top.

5) Repeat this step for all of the banana pieces.
NOTE: You must work very quickly as the bananas must be frozen and the chocolate must be warm in order for them to instantly stick together like glue. If things start to go south then refreeze the bananas and reheat the chocolate before proceeding with the rest of the batch.

6) Freeze the container of finished one/two bite banana splits until firm.

frozen banana treats

Keep these individual banana splits frozen until ready to use. Serve and eat them while still frozen, don’t worry you won’t break any teeth on these little frozen treats. If you haven’t tried a frozen banana before, we think you will be pleasantly surprised. They should last a few months in the freezer, that is if no one is home to eat them!

One Bite Banana Splits

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