The Greatness of Ganache

Ganache sounds fancy, tastes decadent, transforms desserts and is completely versatile. But, did you also know that it is actually easy to make and adapt to fit any dessert need?

Let’s look at making ganache from only two ingredients and completely changing the end result by simply altering the ratio of these two ingredients. That’s right, serve three unique demands for chocolate simply by doing the math! We begin with the process of making ganache and then learn the ratios that will result in the perfect chocolate solution for any occasion (perhaps New Year’s Eve?).

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The Greatness of Ganache

How to Make Ganache

Making ganache is a fairly easy process, please refer to the following table for ingredient amounts – the ratios are by weight, with the measurements listed in parenthesis below each type of ganache.

1) Heat heavy cream over medium heat until it simmers.
Remember: NEVER boil cream.
See the chart below for exact ratios on how much cream and how much chocolate to use.
The amounts depend on your purpose for the finished ganache.

2) While the cream is hot, pour it into a bowl of chopped bittersweet chocolate and mix gently.
Let the mixture stand for just one minute.

3) Whisk the mixture briskly until all the chocolate is melted.

Ganache Ingredient Ratios

Use Ratio of Cream to Chocolate, by Weight) Example Result

For Pourable Ganache
2:1 Use 8 ounces of cream and 4 ounces of chocolate

(1 cup cream to 3/4 cup chocolate)

For Spreadable Ganache
1:1 Use 6 ounces of both cream and chocolate

(3/4 cup cream to 1 cup plus 2 Tbs chocolate)
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For Rollable Ganache
1:2 Use 4 ounces of cream and 8 ounces of chocolate

(1/2 cup cream to 1 & 1/2 cups chocolate)

The Greatness of Ganache

Additional Information

Ganache can be kept tightly covered in the refrigerator for at least a week.
It will harden, but can be warmed gently in the microwave (defrost) and then whisked when ready to be used again.

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