How many Glasses Per Bottle?

How many glasses in a bottle?

Answer: Whether planning a romantic toast for Valentines Day or a huge cocktail party, it is good to know how many glasses can be poured from each bottle ahead of time. The answers, of course, depend upon the size of the bottle, the size of the glass and the level at which the glass is proclaimed full… and even that can depend upon whether you’re a half-full or half-empty type of person 🙂

Yet, standards exist and here’s the generally accepted answer for how many glasses per bottle:
5 glasses of wine can be poured from a standard 750 ml bottle of wine and
6 flutes of champagne or other sparkling beverage can be poured from a standard 750 ml bottle.

glasses per bottle

Please see the illustration below for further explanation and glasses per bottle calculations for alternate bottles of liquid.

How many Glasses Per Bottle?

glasses per bottle

The above photo and guidelines for a standard drink were set by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

Keeping things as equal as possible, there are 5 glasses of wine per bottle and 6 glasses of champagne per bottle. Both standard bottles of champagne and wine consist of 750 ml. of liquid.

Since most standard bottles (and cans) of beer contain 12 fluid ounces, that means one bottle is equal to one glass. Unless you are pouring a pint of beer, in which case you would need more than one standard can of beer to fill the glass. A U.S pint is 16 ounces and 20 ounces is an imperial pint (European).

Since hard liquor is generally either poured over ice or mixed with one or more other liquids to create a mixed drink, there are more glasses per bottle of liquor. Each glass generally contains a shot of alcohol and 16 shots can be poured or made from a 1 liter bottle of liquor.

All of these numbers, of course, depend upon how heavy a hand one has when pouring the bottle and how large of a glass is being served.
Generally; five ounces is considered a wine pour, a champagne pour is about 4 ounces (in order to allow for bubbles in a standard 6 ounce champagne glass), 12 ounces is considered a standard beer pour (most beer glasses will allow room for foam) and a standard shot glass is 1.5 ounces.

How Many Glasses Per Bottle?

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