Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Slow Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker is big & beautiful. With this slow cooker you have a choice on how to cook your food, actually 3 different choices. We, of course, tried all three cooking methods and can see definite uses for all 3 methods of cooking. Take a look at our easy fall slow cooker recipes.

We are thankful to Hamilton Beach for letting us try out this great slow cooker, it beats any others we’ve tried thus far. And, they are also offering one to a lucky EatByDate reader!

UPDATE: This contest is over – Congratulations to Dan C who won a new slow cooker!

Hamilton Beach Slo Cooker

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Slow Cooker - Background Info

Hamilton Beach Slo Cooker

Review of the Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker

I generally just used a slow cooker once & awhile because, to be honest, although it is quite convenient to have dinner ready when you walk in the door, all dishes tended to both look and taste a lot alike. Not true with this Hamilton Beach slow cooker! All of our recipes actually held their shapes, moved successfully to a platter, and tasted completely like the flavors that we used to create them. We even made soups with veggies that you could actually bite into! You can use this machine anytime of day or night, whether you are home or gone all day. If you use the program mode and arrive home late, your food won’t be overcooked. When we used the probe mode, the alarm that it was ready happened so fast that I was actually afraid to eat the dish for fear that my rump roast could not possibly be tender in that short of an amount of time. Yet, it sliced up beautifully and was very tender, maybe even better than it would have done in the oven with more fuss and electricity.

The Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker from Hamilton Beach features a black ceramic insert with a solid base of chrome and stainless steel construction for long lasting durability. It also features a glass lid which you clamp tightly into place to avoid sputtering out from under the lid.

Hamilton Beach Slo Cooker
Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker
Model 33967
Voltage 120 Volts/60Hz
Weight 13.6 lbs empty
Dimensions 11″H x 18″W x 14″D Approximate
Programmable Yes
Colors Black

More on the Hamilton Beach Slo Cooker

How Does The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker Work?

The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker works with slow heat that you can use in your choice of three different ways, giving you so much more freedom. We felt that the side of the box describes the tree different modes better than we could, so either check the picture below or read our post describing how to make three different fall recipes using the three different modes of cooking.
Hamilton Beach Slo Cooker
Here’s a close-up of how, when you insert the probe, you can set the exact temperature you would like the for the roast. Once the internal temperature is reached, the cooker automatically turns to warm mode so that it will stay warm until you lift the lid.
Hamilton Beach Slo Cooker

Is The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker Easy To Set-Up?

Yes! Gotta love a machine that just plugs in and is ready to go! Simply open the nicely packed box, take off a few pieces of tape, wash the ceramic container, lid and spoon and you are ready to go.

Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker Features

We’ve already mentioned the three different cooking modes, which is a huge feature but there are several other advantages to this slow cooker. The strong glass lid, which you actually clamp down tightly onto the cooker when ready to cook is really nice. You can view your food while cooking, it helps others resist peeking during the cooking process (which is a big no-no when using a slow cooker, but nonetheless tempting), and most of all it keeps foods inside the slow cooker from sputtering and splattering out from underneath the lid. Gotta love less mess!

Any Complaints About The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker?

No, but just a word of caution: BEWARE: We only had one problem using this slow cooker. If you do not use the probe for cooking, the insert hole for the probe is left open and starts to express the hot air within. So, when you are opening the right clamp to remove the lid or grabbing the spoon, if you’ve set in the handy spoon rest on top of the lid, it is quite easy to get burned. Actually, it probably won’t burn you but it is a definite “back away” signal that will send your forearm elsewhere to find safety.

Our Final Opinion?

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker received 5 stars out of 5. All our recipes came out great. We love the Set ‘n Forget Slow Cooker and suggest you give it a try!

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