Holiday Hacks

Hacks for Stress-free Holidays

Do the holidays make you stressed, frazzled and tired? That doesn’t sound like a holiday! If it sounds familiar then read on for some creative solutions that will help relieve stress and provide for easy entertaining.

Holiday Hacks

Holiday Hacks

  • Plan Ahead
    Although this is always easier said than done, it really is key to stress free entertaining and an overall happy holiday season. Left for the last minute, everything is more stressful. Since this is the last few days, it’s time to kick into gear before those last few hours arrive.

  • Wrap and label gifts the day they are purchased.
    This not only keeps one ahead of the game, but often adds an element of surprise upon opening as the giver often forgets what is wrapped where. If you are forgetful (or don’t like surprises), you may want to keep a list of what you’ve wrapped (but don’t forget to hide it from the kids).

  • Keep up with an exercise routine.
    In anticipation of some overindulging, that is bound to happen despite with the best laid plans, do not cut exercise from the plan.

  • Get sleep.
    Keep up with sleep, again easier said than done, but this will prevent crashing before or (gasp!) during a party.

  • Communicate.
    Avoid duplications and omissions by keeping communication channels open. In general, it usually helps to talk about things anyways to get things off your chest and therefore reduce stress levels. This has many channels, but most important during December is this tidbit –> if someone truly wants to help – let them!

  • Appreciate something beautiful.
    Be it a dessert, a flower, a candle or a carefully wrapped gift – take time to really notice the beauty in the item as this puts your mind in the present moment (and not on all you have yet to do).

  • Take some quiet time.
    Take a walk in nature, this actually works wonders most any old time of year.

  • Try meditation, yoga or even apps like Calm.
    They also help people to slow down and appreciate the moment, thus relieving stress.

  • Release body tension.
    Take time to feel from head to toe before entering a stressful situation.

  • Breathe slowly.
    Try this. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 secs, exhale for 4, hold for 4 again. Every 4 beats draw one side of a square on a paper.

  • Eat mindfully.
    Maybe a bite of cheese or a small dessert. Take one bite and take time to savor the flavor. The first bite of something sweet is usually the best and, if thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated, can often be enough to satisfy the entire craving.

  • Consider a buffet if entertaining for a party meal.
    Although sit down family style is often preferred and possibly more appropriate, the ease of a buffet dinner is hard to resist during busy holiday times.

  • Make wise food choices.
    If placed in front of a charcuterie board, try reaching for the fruits and nuts when going in for seconds.

  • Avoid parking hassles.
    Use our gift guide to order cooks gifts online.

  • Indulge other senses.
    Smell goes right to a part of the brain that attaches a memory to it, making fragrance a great relaxation tool. Essential oils in cinnamon, orange or lavender are great to have on hand and sprinkle on some potpourri. Light a holiday scented candle or simmer some spices in a slow cooker.

  • simmer spices

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