How Long to Steam Broccoli


How Long to Steam Broccoli?


The length of time needed to steam broccoli is about 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the quantity of broccoli being steamed and the size of the pieces being steamed.

How Long to Steam Broccoli

How Long to Steam Broccoli

How Long to Steam Broccoli

The time needed to steam broccoli in a steamer on the stove is generally about 6 to 8 minutes for an average head, with a maximum time of 10 minutes if the steamer is crowded or the broccoli is cut into very large chunks.

Broccoli is often enjoyed raw and does not even need to be cooked in any way, which means that the time needed to steam broccoli is really just a personal preference. Since most people prefer under-cooked broccoli over that is over-cooked, be careful not to leave broccoli in a steamer for too long. Once the broccoli is soft, remove it from the steamer.

How Long to Steam Broccoli

Can broccoli be microwaved?
Yes, if using a microwave and microwaveable steamer then about 3 to 4 minutes is plenty of time to steam broccoli. No water is used when steaming in the microwave, but be sure to pour off any excess moisture afterwards.

Can broccoli be reheated?
Yes, steamed broccoli can be re-heated in the microwave, on the stove or used in a casserole that will be baked.

How Long to Steam Broccoli

Additional Information

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There are many different options for steaming broccoli and all types of other foods. Depending on your storage space, frequency and quantity of steaming one of these options will work best for you.

This steamer is a cut above the basic metal steamer because of the handle that allows for easier pick-up than most models.

If you steam often with multiple ingredients, you might wish to go electric.

This is the bamboo steamer that we mention in several posts for steaming most any food.

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