How to Plant Garlic

    Since we added the web page for how long does garlic last and mentioned that garlic sprouts can be planted, some readers have asked for detailed instructions on how to plant garlic and when to plant garlic. The rising interest in how to plant garlic comes from users who save money by buying a large mesh bag of garlic, but then don’t use it as quickly as planned. Having stored their garlic properly, they have garlic with green sprouts in the center instead of garlic that is going bad. Planting garlic is the ultimate way to extend the shelf life of garlic.

    If you plant these cloves, you more than extend the shelf life of garlic, you make fresh new garlic! Each clove that you plant produces a bulb with up to 20 cloves – a great return on investment! Garlic is actually one of the easiest plants to grow. If your goal is to extend the shelf life of garlic then only plant garlic that has begun to sprout, as in the picture. So, just follow the step-by-step instructions we’ve created on how to grow garlic.

    How to Plant Garlic

How to Plant Garlic

    Instructions to Plant Garlic:

    1.) Find a raised area or ideally a planter box in which you can mix good soil with mulch. But garlic can be planted in any area you have, even with flowers or other plants. Garlic loves a spot with full sun.
    2.) Dig small holes, about 3 inches deep. The holes should be about 4 inches apart from each other, dig one hole for each clove of garlic you are going to plant.
    3.) Separate the cloves of garlic just prior to planting and leave the skin on the garlic clove. Place the clove in the hole with the sprout facing upward. The bigger the clove, the better for planting.
    4.) Cover the bulbs with dirt, but you want the bulb to be just below the ground surface (only about an inch of dirt should be placed on top of the bulb -do not plant deep).
    5.) Water the bulbs well and continue to water each day.
    6.) Check in a couple weeks, you may already begin to see straight green shoots above the ground. They look like chives and will grow to about a foot above the ground.
    7.) Garlic will be full grown in a couple of months. They are ready when the green sprouts turn completely tan or brown.
    8.) Loosen the ground around the brown sprouts and then pull the garlic out of the ground. Hang the garlic in a cool dry spot (if you’re clever you can braid the stems) and let dry for at least a week. Gently brush the dirt off the bulbs after drying but before storing. Make sure the skins are dry before storing or the garlic can develop mold.

How to Plant Garlic - Additional Info

For tips on storing garlic, check our shelf life of garlic page.

Now, when to plant garlic? Early spring (especially March) is considered the best time to plant garlic. But late fall can work if you place straw on the ground if there is going to be a frost or snow – garlic is very hardy but does not like extreme cold. Summer can also work if your climate is not extreme because garlic does like full sun.

So, How to plant garlic?… basically just place it in the ground!

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