How to Store Edible Flowers

Gourmet edible flowers are aesthetically a beautiful touch to a fancy dessert or summer dish. Edible flowers are available year around from gourmet specialty shops, online sources and possibly even your garden yet they are definitely used more often in the spring and summer months when they can also be found at local farmers markets.

Many edible flowers are an acquired taste, and many find some of the flowers an undesirable taste. So, if given a chance to taste one you should proceed with caution. We recommend caution because if you have allergies to pollen, then there is the possibility of also being allergic to eating flowers.

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How to Store Edible Flowers

Handling and storing edible flowers

Delicate flowers deserve special treatment. Here are some suggestions to properly handle and store edible flowers.

  • Don’t eat flowers that were treated with pesticides or fungicides.

  • If the flowers were purchased commercially, then they probably came in a clear clamshell container and can be refrigerated directly from the store in that container.

  • If the flowers did not arrive in a clamshell, then find a container and line it with a damp paper towel. Carefully place the flowers inside and then put a lid on the container.

  • If they are intended for a salad, then test them first with the dressing. Vinegar based dressings will make many edible flowers wilt and turn brown quite quickly. Toss the flowers in just before presentation if this is the case.

  • If you grow your own edible flowers, then cut them from the garden right before you’re ready to use them.

  • To clean edible flowers, use a soft clean brush like a make-up brush to gently dust them if you feel that they are already clean. If they look dirty, then dip them into a bowl of water while gently shaking the flower. Do NOT place them under running water or you will destroy them.[1].

  • How Long Do Edible Flowers Last?

    How long do edible flowers last? Let’s put it this way, don’t hesitate to use edible flowers as soon as possible. The “best by” date for edible flowers is about two days. Most blossoms will generally last about 4 to 5 days if kept refrigerated and moist, but they will probably begin to wilt by day three. Squash blossoms have the shortest shelf life and will only last for about two days. A few hearty varieties like mums can last up to a week. After that, they can easily begin to grow mold due to the moisture.

    In the garden, edible flowers can last from about 5 days up to a month.

    Can you freeze edible flowers? Not really. They will look OK while frozen but then thaw quickly and look a darker color.

    How to Store Edible Flowers

    Additional Information

    To order edible flowers online, check out Gourmet Sweet Botanicals.

    To grow your own, find a large selection at Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

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