How to Wash a Hydro Flask

The majority of water bottles are labeled “hand wash only”. If you’re supposed to use your hand, then why is the neck of the bottle too small for even the smallest of hands? This is a dilemma faced with not just Hydro Flask bottles, but nearly all water bottles make one wonder just how to wash a water bottle.

Some folks think that because it only holds water, there is no need to bother washing the water bottle… this is NOT the answer! Hydro Flask bottles, and all water bottles, do need a good washing once and awhile. They may not need to be washed after every single use, but they should at least be emptied after each use and then washed whenever possible.

How to Wash a Hydro Flask

Why Wash a Water Bottle?

If there is always water inside a hydro flask or other type of water bottle then an invisible film can form where bacteria can grow. Therefore, water bottles should be emptied when not in use and then cleaned from time to time.

These stainless steel bottles, along with many other water bottles that you may be wondering how to wash, are hand wash only. To make things even more difficult, many of them have narrow little necks and big ‘ol bodies. The only way to properly wash a hydro flask or wash a water bottle with a narrow neck is with a special bottle brush.

how to wash a hydro flask

Steps to Wash a Water Bottle

  1. Purchase a bottle brush.
    Get one with a narrow head that will fit through the neck of your water bottle and be able to reach into the entire bottle.

  2. Make the water in the sink as hot as you can stand and then add a couple drops of dish soap into the bottle and fill it with hot water.

  3. Use the bottle brush to reach inside the bottle and dislodge any germs from the sides of the entire inside of the bottle.

  4. Thoroughly rinse the bottle, several times if necessary, till the water runs clear.

Important Note: If the water bottle includes a straw, be sure to clean that too with a special brush just for that purpose. The large brush shown below is for the bottle, the tiny one for the straw and the circle one is special for the water bottle lids. See the additional information section below for brush recommendations.

how to wash a hydro flask

How to Wash a Hydro Flask

Additional Information

If you haven’t tried a hydro flask, they are a game changer as far as getting down needed daily water every day. The liquid remains cold all day, unless you use ice then it’s still cold the next day! Alternately, hot liquids are kept hot – sip your coffee from early morning thru lunch. They’re available in many sizes and colors.

Hydroflask makes a special brush that fits into all of their bottles, but if there’s a straw or sipping nipple then it is much better to purchase the brush set made by OXO.

Is a water bottle necessary? Think about how much water to drink a day and all the problems that used plastic bottles are causing the environment and the answer is pretty clear.

Another kitchen item that needs special cleaning skills is a cutting board.

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