How to Wash Mushrooms

Washing & Cooking Mushrooms

How do you wash mushrooms?
Since mushrooms are not the prettiest – OK, that’s in the eye of the beholder – but I think we can agree that they are not the cleanest of all the vegetables that one could possibly choose.

So, a common question that comes to mind when looking at mushrooms is how exactly to get them free of dirt and other debris. That is, to wash them without making them soggy and spongy!

wash mushrooms

How to Wash Mushrooms

Washing Mushrooms

Washing mushrooms is actually quite simple, but it is a two step process.

  1. Place the mushrooms in a colander and rinse them under running tap water.
    Do this just before you’re ready to use them. This process will loosen any dirt and debris from the mushrooms. It also prevents them from soaking in a bowl of water, where they could absorb unwanted moisture.

  2. wash mushrooms

  3. Wipe off the rinsed mushrooms with a paper towel and they’re ready to go.
    You can use a towel, but it will get dirty (as in a white towel will become brown after drying a batch of mushrooms).
  4. Note: The bottom tips of the stems should also be cut off with a sharp knife.

    wash mushrooms

    Cooking Mushrooms

    Cooking can make mushrooms spongy if they cook in their own juices. That’s why they should be dried well after washing and before cooking.
    To eliminate mushy mushrooms cooke them in a single layer in the pan in order that they can brown properly without becoming too moist and soggy.

How to Wash Mushrooms

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