Creative Easter Nest Recipes

You may have always been told by your parents not to play with your food, but on the holidays we feel that you should always play with your food! So, here are some Easter bird nest ideas for both brunch and desert that involve a little creativity yet are easy enough to accomplish even in the last few minutes before your Easter celebration.

We thought these were a really cute idea for individual breakfast cups. Just be sure to have all the ingredients laid out beforehand so that the eggs don’t get cold as you assemble them.

Bunny Egg Dish

Creative Easter Nest Recipes

Keeping in mind that cupcakes are not just for dessert anymore, the cupcake tin is a handy pan in the kitchen and perfect for making Easter nests from shredded potatoes (hash browns).

Or, a cupcake pan can also be used with bread as your nest and you can add a little spice to the nest with some chipotle and then topped with an avocado sauce.
You can use your cookie cutters to cut a bunny hole in a slice of bread. Using a hot greased skillet, place the bread in the skillet and then crack an egg into the bunny hole. Flip when almost cooked for an over easy egg with the toast attached.
Bunny Cut-out

Bunny Cut-out

As a side dish, make hashed brown potatoes and shape them into nests after cooking. They look festive when filled with jelly beans and will serve as a treat for those who finish their egg.

Nests for Easter dessert

Easter desserts should always be plentiful, so along with your bunny cake be sure that there are plenty of candy egg nests. All of these “nests” are made without having to turn on your oven, except for the sugar cookie nest.

Chinese Noodles work great and look realistic as the twigs in your nest.
Bunny Egg Dish

We made these by melting 8 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate (chocolate chips work fine) in the microwave stirring every 30 seconds until all melted and then adding about 2 cups of chow mein noodles. Use your hands to shape the mixture into round nests with a thumb indent in the top to fill with Cadbury mini eggs, M&M’s or jelly beans. Refrigerate to harden them up quickly. For this picture we placed them on some rounds of edible grass, which made them look pretty but the green grass actually tasted like paper while the chocolate nests were very difficult to stop eating.

Sugar cookies can also be used as the base of your bird nest. Rice Krispie treats can be shaped into nests with the help of a mini cupcake pan.
Rice krispie Nest

These are several ideas for how to make easter nests that are pleasing to the eyes and the tummy. There are also several other options that can be used for nesting: coconut, shredded wheat, corn flakes, merengue, etc.

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Have a Happy Easter! And, especially if you’re planning an easter egg hunt, be sure to check out our page on how long hard boiled eggs last.

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