What To Do With Leftover Wine

Whether your last party left you with several bottles of opened wine or you just opened one bottle to make your favorite wine sauce, the problem remains of what to do with the leftover wine. Of course you could drink it, but at some point that could become hazardous! 🙂

Here are some safer solutions on how to store leftover wine, for both short term storage and long term storage. Discover which of the ways would be the best storage method for your leftover wine.

wine ice cubes

Ways to Store Leftover Wine

Storage of Leftover Wine

The best way to store your leftover wine largely depends upon when you plan to use the rest of the wine. Here are three options to store open wine bottles, presented in length of time sequence.

If you can use the wine the following day or so, simply re-cork it and place it into the refrigerator.
Air is the biggest enemy of most food and drink, and even more so with wine. When air is present, the wine begins to oxidize and turn sour as a result of this process. Oxidized wine tastes pretty much like vinegar, so you want to keep air away as much as possible. If you can’t find the cork, then even a little piece of plastic wrap is better than nothing. Or, grab a cute reusable replacement cork like the one that we purchased for the purpose of storing leftover wine and champagne.

If you can use the wine in the following week, transfer the leftover wine into a mason jar.
This works if you have enough leftover wine to completely fill a mason jar. Simply fill the mason jar to the very top and then place the lid with the rubber seal on top and screw on the ring. If you don’t have the rubber seals, then place a piece of plastic wrap (larger then the opening) over the top of the jar and pull it tightly. Place a rubber band around the top to keep the plastic wrap sealed tightly across the top of the mason jar. Beware, some wine will spill out while screwing on the lid so this is best done over a clean plate. If you’re able to eliminate all of the air, the wine will last for at least a week.

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If you might not get to the wine for a longer period of time, then make frozen wine cubes.
See the next section for all the details on this long term storage solution for leftover wine.

Ways to Store Leftover Wine

Make Wine Cubes

Wine, at least white wine, tastes best chilled. So, why not pop a wine cube into your glass to ensure delightful sipping beyond the first. I’ve seen people pop ice cubes into their wine glass, especially in warm weather. Although I’ve been jealous of their drink, as mine was warm by then, I wasn’t brave enough to do it and risk watering down the flavor and otherwise messing with my drink.

It becomes a win/win situation if you turn leftover wine into ice cubes!
Simply pour leftover wine into an ice cube tray, jello mold or even a mini muffin pan (like we did with chicken broth) until frozen. This will work for both red and white wines. Once the tray of wine is frozen, pop them into a freezer safe container or bag and they’ll last for at least 3 months.
NOTE: Be sure to label them properly so the kids know they’re not popsicles!

wine ice cubes

Frozen wine cubes are handy to have around, they can be used in a number of ways when cooking and when entertaining.

  • These little cubes can be tossed frozen into soups and stews during the sauté step whenever a little burst of richer flavor is desired.
  • They can also be used in a glass of wine for those who either like their drinks really cold or like to sip wine on a hot day.
  • They are perfect to throw into a glass of sangria, whether white or red.
  • Turn a glass of white wine into a Rosé (ok, not technically) with the addition of a couple red wine cubes.
  • They can also be used to quickly turn a glass of wine into a wine slushy, see below for details on that.
  • Ways to Store Leftover Wine

    Additional Info

    Depending on the alcohol content of your wine, these ice cubes will have a softer consistency than regular water ice cubes. This can be used to an advantage, as they can be easily flaked with a fork to create a wine slushy (or placed into a blender, if desired).

    wine slushy

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