How to Make Oreo Pops

Did you grab some Winter Oreos when they were half off the week after Christmas? If they’ve survived the month in your pantry (the shelf life is fine, the question if they already got eaten or not), then repurpose them for Valentine’s Day!

The double stuff Oreos with the red filling will work best for making these decadent treats. If you are using sticks to truly make them into pops, then you must use the double stuff Oreos so that the stick will fit into the center cream and stay put. These little pops are a romantic food gesture on the 14th of February, but this basic recipe can be useful anytime of year.

oreo pops

Oreo Pops for Valentine's Day

How to Make Oreo Pops

Here’s all you need to make Oreo Pops:

oreo pops

The cake pop sticks are optional, as these cookies also stand well all on their own. The decorations are also optional, get creative and use most any red or white icing, gel, sprinkles or small candies that you might have around or found on sale after Christmas. The chocolate type is also up to you – use milk, dark, white or even red chocolate (yes, Wilton makes a red chocolate). Make the cookies all look alike or personalize them for each recipient. So, all you really need to make chocolate Oreo Pops is a bag of Oreos (or other sandwich type cookies) and a bag or container of melting chocolate.

Instructions to make Oreo Pops:

  1. Melt a bowlful, about 1 cup, of the melting chocolate tablets. You can do this in the microwave starting with about 40 seconds, stirring and then giving it about 20 seconds before stirring again. They might not look done, but they are done when they stir sooth. It’s very important to keep checking the chocolate because it can easily seize up and become totally unusable in a very short time in the microwave. Alternately, you can melt the chocolate tablets in a double boiler pan placed over boiling water.

  2. Dip each cookie separately into the bowl of melted chocolate. A teaspoon works best to do task, and yes it can get messy. You can insert sticks from the side of the cookie into the filling of the Oreos before dipping, if desired, but there is a risk of breaking the cookie in the chocolate. It’s usually safest to insert the sticks after dipping the cookie, although it is messier.
  3. Oreo pops

  4. Decorate the cookies as desired. If you are using sprinkles or candies that must stick to the chocolate cookie, then decorate the cookies while the chocolate is still melted. If you are using an icing to decorate your Oreo pops, then dry the chocolate (next step) before piping on your decor.
  5. Valentine Oreos

  6. Dry the dipped cookies either on a sheet of waxed paper or if you used sticks then stick them into a large square of styrofoam secured down.
  7. Valentine Oreos

Note: These Oreo pops will not last as long as regular oreos because the chocolate will eventually make the oreo cookies soft and affect the overall experience of eating Oreo pops because the texture becomes mushy after about 3 days.

Oreo Pops

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