Super Brownies for the Super Bowl

Need a Super Bowl brownie? Not many people drop the catch when passed a plate of super bowl brownies! Since you’ve probably got a brownie mix sitting in your cupboard (maybe nearing it’s eat by date), here’s an easy treat to bring to your super bowl potluck. It’s cheap, easy and crowd pleasing.

A plate of brownies is great for any occasion, but for the super bowl they should be super special.
super bowl Brownie

Super Bowl Brownie Instructions

Instructions for Superbowl Brownies:

1.Start with your favorite brownie mix and bake according to the package.

    2. While it’s in the oven, take a piece of construction paper (anything a little thicker than paper) then draw and cut out the shape of a football. See the pictures below to decide if you want a large or small football stencil. Then cut a few lines in the center to resemble the white stitches where the football is sewn together.
      3. Once the brownie cools (10-15 minutes), you can either:
    Food Waste
      A) Place the stencil on top of the brownie and shake a confectioners sugar shaker (or sift confectioners sugar) all around the football pattern if you wish to keep the brownies in the pan. OR
      B) Flip the brownies onto a plate and decorate the other side. OR
      Food Waste
        C) We recommend this option. Cut the brownies into pieces and place them on a plate. Then use a smaller football shape to decorate each brownie slice. For this option, you may want to use a white cake decorating tube (frosting) for the stitches on the football since it is hard to cut the center stitches on the smaller shape stencil (but we just used sugar).
      Enjoy the game!

Part of the Problem

Oh, if you don’t have a confectioners sugar shaker you might want to get one in time for Valentine’s Day, hearts are easier to cut out than footballs anyways. We recommend the Sugar Shaker from Pampered Chef because it has a lid to keep out dust while it sits in the cupboard. The sugar shaker also works great to “dress up” french toast on the weekend!

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