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This article is just to share some new packaging technology that I’ve noticed on the shelves at various stores. These are not huge revelations, but since we are always looking to keep our food fresh for as long as possible while reducing our waste on trash day, the little things do add up over time.

SF Coffee

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The first item that I’m excited to share was found at Costco (a warehouse store). This new product technology not only reduces waste, but also increases taste! With regular K-cups, I always felt guilty throwing away the exact same thing as I was opening and knowing that the plastic would not decompose for a very long time. These new “K-cups” are not only smaller than the usual, but they are made of a collapsible fabric that is more like traditional paper coffee filters.

I love my new K-cup machine, but always felt just a tinge of a plastic taste in my coffee (OK, it could have been in my head). These taste like pure french roast coffee, delicious every time! These also have a nice aroma while brewing and, believe it or not, they are less expensive than any other brand of individual brew cups that we have found! These coffee cups work in the Keurig, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee and Breville machines. Besides the product new packaging technology, the manufacturer is green minded in every way with plenty of environmental projects. So, now I feel better and enjoy my coffee more thanks to the new packaging technology.

Next is something I’ve been wanting for a while. Ever have a bowl of soup and want a few crackers then a few days later you pick up the roll on the counter and bite into a cracker that is totally lifeless? Ritz finally heard me and introduced mini rolls, about half the size roll as usual. The box sells for the same price as the regular size roll box and the packaging is essentially the same between the two. You do get 12 fewer crackers, but in the end I get more crackers since I don’t have stale ones to throw away anymore. Fresh crackers every time – again, less waste more taste with the new packaging technology.

Yogurt Crunch

Then there’s yogurt. I would often mix up a bowl of yogurt and granola at home but could never take it with me. We love these new YoCrunch containers. Smooth yummy yogurt with crunchy granola. They also come with cookie crumbs or candies like M&M’s in the lid. Ready made frostings have been selling sprinkles on top in the same little containers for years, we were happy to see yogurt adopt the same packaging. If you’re interested in these, Target sells them for much cheaper than any grocery store we’ve found. Lunch in a single case thanks to new packaging technology.

Yogurt Crunch

Lastly, I just wanted to show these eggs for fun. “Enjoy by” is a new term for us, which the company says is equivalent to a best before date. I couldn’t help wonder how difficult it was to stamp each delicate shell and how many eggs are wasted on the assembly line? I bought the same eggs the following trip to that store and the new eggs are void of any pink stamps! Anyways, this one seemed a little over the top to me but then maybe it would be nice for those who have a fridge with the individual egg holes on the door. Although storing eggs on the door is not the best idea because it constantly puts eggs through a temperature change as the door is held open and then closed and the eggs may actually expire closer to the stamped date than if they were placed inside the fridge. But I must say the date made me a little more cautious as I cracked each one open.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your next grocery shopping experience! Tell us what you think in the comments below or if you have found any other great improvements!

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