Don't Let the Wrong Onion Ruin Your Recipe

Onions come in 3 colors.
Can you guess which ones?
They are Red, White and Yellow. Most people have purple in their answer, but those onions are actually classified as red.

According to the National Onion Association, yellow onions are the most versatile and thus by far the color most produced – 87% of all crops are devoted to yellow onions [1].

Yet, all colors are easy to find at the market and have unique purposes in the kitchen. For a quick reference in choosing the proper onion for your recipe, because it really does make a difference in both flavor and texture, just check the image below for a quick cheat sheet.

Onion Variety

Photo by Macey J Foronda / Chris Ritter


For information on shallots, since they are not technically onions, see our what is a shallot page.

Additional Info

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