April Fools Oranges

For an impressive display that will shock friends or family, try making these April fools oranges. They look a bit unusual and will make an impression on April 1st.

Make use of the entire orange by recycling (just this once) the rind once before it hits the compost pile.

jello oranges

April Fools Oranges

Ingredients & Instructions

Ingredients to make these fake April Fools oranges:
1 & 1/2 cups of water
2 packages (3 oz size) orange jello mix
2 fresh oranges

This recipe of orange halves will result in 16 slices of orange jello.

Instructions to make April Fools Oranges:

  1. Cut the oranges in half.

  2. Remove the flesh from the rind.
    This can be done in two different ways. Either loosen and then scoop out the orange from the rinds with a spoon and use the orange flesh in a fruit salad or tossed into a green salad. Or, use a manual juicer to extract all the juice into a container to drink as fresh squeezed orange juice. If any orange remains in the rind, gently peel it out so you are left with a nice looking orange rind. Be careful to keep the rinds free of any holes. .

  3. Arrange the orange rinds into an empty muffin pan.
    Make sure that the rinds sit level across the top.

  4. Boil the water and then stir in the powdered jello mix until well dissolved.

  5. Pour the prepared jello mix into the orange rinds, filling them as close to the top as possible while still being able to carry them.

  6. Place the muffin pan into the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight to be sure that they are firmly set before the next step.

  7. jello oranges

  8. Slice each orange half with a very sharp knife 3 times from the center in order to produce 4 slices.

  9. jello oranges

    To make these slices spiked for adults only, reduce the water used to 1 cup and then add 1/2 cup of Vodka when making the jello mix. Then remember to eat responsibly!

April Fools Oranges

Additional Info

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