How to Make a Diving Bunny Pool Cake

If you’re tired of the traditional bunny cake, give this more humorous one a try this Easter season. There are many different ways to make a bunny cake, we’ve given instructions for a few cute bunny cakes in the past. This one takes a little more imagination to create and to view, but it is probably easier to create than any of the rest since there is no cake cutting and thus no cake crumbs to contend with. It is also the sweetest cake to eat since the cake is completely covered in candy!

Here’s how to assemble this diving bunny cake and generate a few giggles at the dessert table.

Diving Bunny Pool Cake

Bunny Pool Cake

How to Make a Diving Bunny Pool Cake

Diving Bunny Pool Cake

  • 1) Either make or buy some white fondant.
    Fondant is not that difficult to make and is fairly inexpensive to make, but it is fairly expensive to buy. Since it’s pretty bland to eat anyways, we recommend just making it (preferably the night before making this cake). Here’s the fondant recipe that we used.
  • 2) Bake 2 round cakes (8″), most any flavor or recipe would do just fine.
  • 3) When cool, frost the cake with your favorite frosting – top, sides & middle.
    Level the bottom layer before frosting, but leave the top layer rounded.
  • 4) Unwrap the Kit-Kat bars, break them into twos (if you bought larger bars) and place them around the entire cake, pressing them gently into the frosting.
    It will take 3 of the king size bars (about 42 strips) to enclose the pool cake.
  • 5) Tie a pretty ribbon around the entire cake.
  • 6) Gently dump an entire bag of egg shaped chocolate candies onto the top of the cake.
    Any candy in pastel colors works just fine – use pure chocolate, peanut butter, malted milk or even jelly beans.
  • 7) You will need to add a few drops of food coloring and knead it into a small portion of the white fondant in order to form the bunny paw pads.
    The pink fondant must be enough to make 6 small circles and 2 larger oblong shapes.
  • 8) Use the remaining white fondant to shape a large ball for the body, a smaller ball for the tail and two flat oblong shapes for the feet.
    On the oblong feet shapes, carve out a few toes by using a knife to cut a couple of “V” shapes on one end. For the tail, roll the smaller ball in some shredded coconut to resemble a cotton tail.
  • 9) Place the fondant pieces as shown so it appears to be the backside of a bunny diving into a pool of candy water.
  • Diving Bunny Pool Cake

    Pool Cake

    Additional Info

    This cake also works great as a pool party cake. Use blue frosting for the top of the cake and instead using fondant and candies, you can buy small plastic toys to decorate the top. Think swimmer, diving board, surfboard, towel, beachball, flip-flops, etc.

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