Eat Healthy Yet Keep Variety

Salads are very healthy, but they can get boring if you don’t add a little creativity and switch them up a bit. Use the charts below for inspiration and build a different salad every night of the year. Start with a base of leafy greens, from which there are now so many to choose from (and you should really try them all). Then get experimental while adding protein, healthy fats, colors, etc. Once the salad is complete, find a salad dressing from the table below to make a dressing to complement the flavors you’ve used in your salad.

Sure, you could just choose a bag of salad that is already put together for you. They are convenient, but there are a few concerns that should be pointed out. Not only is it more expensive to use a pre-made salad, but bagged salads have a shorter shelf life since the vegetables have been washed and chopped before being stored in bags. And, even though bagged salads have generally been pre-washed, we always recommend washing any fruit or vegetable before use.

Build A Salad

Build A Salad

Build A Dressing

Once you’ve got your salad made, see how much better it tastes with some home made dressing. Let the chart below help you customize a dressing for your salad.

Make A Dressing

Additional Information

To find out how long purchased salad dressings last, see our salad dressing page.

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