Which Side of Aluminum Foil to Use?

Question: Which side of aluminum foil should you use?

Answer: With regular foil, it doesn’t matter which side of aluminum foil you use!! The difference is a result of the production process and purely aesthetic, so use whichever side you tend to fancy (or become a switch-up artist).

side of aluminum foil

Which Side of Aluminum Foil to Use?

Choosing Sides

With regular aluminum foil, it doesn’t matter which side of aluminum foil is used. The exception to this rule is the non-stick type of aluminum foil.

Non-stick foil is a good choice when baking dishes that can get sticky, like macaroni and cheese. With non-stick foil it’s best to read the package directions from the manufacturer as to which side to use towards the food. One side contains the non-stick coating and is usually labeled with some type of wording, depending on the manufacturer. The words are generally then placed toward the food to help prevent sticking when baking.

Note: Aluminum foil is recyclable! Recycling plants generally prefer folded aluminum foil, so try to resist the urge to crinkle it into a tight ball before tossing it into the recycle bin.

Which Side of Aluminum Foil to Use?

Additional Info

Whether you’re using your aluminum foil to store your Christmas leftovers, for cooking , heat retention, or ease of clean-up… there’s no need to stop and wonder which side you should turn in or out. Continue as usual 🙂

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