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S’mores are your typical campfire dessert, yet with fall fast approaching and the kids back in school your camping days may be over for the year… but are you still craving that special campfire comfort dessert? If the answer is yes, then you are in need of s’more s’mores! Actually, maybe what you need is s’mookies, s’makes, s’mops, s’mshakes or s’mark – any choice is pretty tasty!

Explore ways to make that unique taste come alive within the confines of your own kitchen and maybe even use up some “expired” marshmallows along the way (see our note below). It’s true, the unique taste that is the ultimate sweet comfort food can be recreated in almost any shape/style/form that you could desire or even imagine – without a campfire or even a grill!


Instructions to Make S'Mookies

Making Smookies

We wanted to try some other combinations that would keep that great campfire taste that leaves you wanting s’more going all winter long. Since Brookies (half brownie and half chocolate chip cookie) have been popular for some time and because that’s my favorite of the names for these graham cracker/chocolate/marshmallow treats, let’s begin with the S’mookie (or smookie). S’mookies, or a s’more smothered and trapped within a chocolate chip cookie, are a caloric treat (sorry we didn’t add it up for fear we would not want to taste test both varieties) that just might be worth the indulge. Here’s how we made smookies.

  1. Make a large batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. Since most people have a go to recipe for their favorite chocolate chip cookie dough, we’re not printing one here.

  2. Chill the dough in the refrigerator for at least an hour so it won’t stick all over your fingers as you begin the assembly process.

  3. Press half the cookie dough into a non-stick pan and proceed to assemble an entire s’more on top. Be careful to stay away from the edges of the pan because you need room to bring the edges up to meet the layer of cookie dough that you’re going to press on top in step #4. If you’ve chosen to make cookies (smookies), then you’re doing the same thing in a smaller version. We found that with the cookies this step was much easier if we left off the top graham cracker.
  4. s'more cake

    Note: Please excuse my marshmallows… Yes, they were beyond their best by date by a few months. They were thus stuck together to begin the process, but baked up just as soft and gooey as brand new ones do. Another good use for “expired” marshmallows is your basic rice krispy treats.

  5. Press the rest of the cookie dough on top of the s’more and carefully seal the sides together. Cracks will allow the marshmallow to leak out, which as you can see from the picture isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it’s on top but if it leaks from the sides or the bottom it could just make the cookies stick to the pan.
  6. smookie
  7. Bake the bars in pre-heated 325°F oven for about 30-35 minutes and the cookies in a pre-heated 350° oven for about 8-10 minutes.

We made both s’mookies and s’mar cookies (bar cookies) to see which one we liked better or was easier to make. Turns out it was a tie on both ends, so make whichever suits your fancy. The bars were gooier inside because we were able to fit entire s’mores inside instead of just pieces, but the end pieces (devoid of any filling at all) were rather large.

S'More S'Mores

S’Mops: Here’s an easy way to provide just a little pop of that s’more flavor to the masses without making a sticky mess. It’s s’more pops, or s’mops. Simply melt some chocolate in the microwave, pierce a lollipop stick (or a decorated toothpick) into a large marshmallow and then first roll it in the chocolate and then again into some crushed graham crackers while the chocolate is still warm.


These would like nice on the buffet table for any celebration including the 4th of July, Memorial Day or even a Labor Day party!

S’Makes: Turn a chocolate, coffee or mocha milkshake into a liquid s’more by simply dipping the rim of a glass into marshmallow fluff, melted chocolate and then crushed graham crackers (Note: make sure you dip them in that order or you’ll have s’mess!).


S’Mark: Chocolate bark with marshmallows & graham crackers? Why not? Just melt some good quality chocolate melting wafers in the microwave and then spread it out on some waxed paper and add mini marshmallows and graham cracker pieces before cooling the tray in the fridge. Simply break off pieces of the s’mark to serve.


S'More S'Mores

Additional Information

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