Best Way to Store Raspberries

The best way to store raspberries depends upon when you plan to eat them.

Raspberries (actually strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and most any other berry) can mold and mush very quickly so time is of the essence. Decide right when you buy the berries when you are going to use them. This decision will dictate the best way to store berries to ensure that they are the freshest possible berries when you are ready for them.

If you’re not going to eat your raspberries on the same day you buy them, then a little re-arranging will go a long way to preserve your fresh berries.

store raspberries

Best Way to Store Raspberries

Storing Berries

If you’re going to use the berries today, then simply place them single file in a flat container and leave them on the counter.
The reason is because room temperature berries have the most flavor. Wait to rinse them off until just before eating. If any berries are spoiled or moldy, be sure to toss them right away.

If you plan to use the berries tomorrow, then you will want to inspect and re-arrage the raspberries.
First discard any spoiled berries and eat any super ripe berries (be sure to rinse before eating). Place all the remaining berries directly into a flat container so that they are single file and not piled on top of each other. Then place the container into the refrigerator. Don’t wash the berries until you are ready to eat them the next day.

If you plan to use the berries at a later date in the week, then again place the unwashed berries single file in a container.
But this time, place the container in the refrigerator and cover them with a damp paper towel. They will keep for about 5 days in the refrigerator. Wait to wash them until just before you use them, otherwise the extra moisture will get absorbed by the berries and speed up the rotting process.

If you wish to keep your berries beyond a week, then the best way to store raspberries is to freeze them.
Follow these steps to successfully freeze raspberries:

  1. Rinse the raspberries (or whichever type of berry you bought) with plenty of running cold water in a colander once home.
    This will remove debris and bacteria from the berries.

  2. Remove all excess moisture from the berries.
    Draining them on clean paper towels works best.

  3. Place the cleaned and dried berries in a single layer on a tray, trying not to let them touch, and place the tray into the freezer.

  4. Once frozen, place the berries into a freezer safe container with an airtight lid and then carefully place them back into the freezer.

  5. store raspberries

Best Way to Store Raspberries

Additional Information

Suggestion: Frozen raspberries are the perfect compliment to champagne.

Simply pop a frozen raspberry from your container into the bottom of a champagne glass and then carefully fill with champagne. After the initial bubbles begin to disappear, bubbles will still be forming and rising from the raspberry in your glass. You’ve easily added a touch of color and sparkle to the celebration and when you reach the bottom of the glass at the end of the night, the raspberry has unthawed while holding its shape and tastes delicious! Keep a container in your freezer for an easy, instant celebration of the unexpected occasion.

Buying the best berries, using them in a timely manner and always keeping them fresh are all essential parts of a raspberry shelf life.
For advice in all these general areas, see our other posts for help with grocery shopping, menu planning and making your produce last longer.

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