How to Store Fresh Noodles

There’s not much argument that fresh noodles are far more enticing than their dried up brothers for a few different reasons. They have a chewy bite to them that you just don’t get from noodles that were previously dried. They also cook quicker. But, it’s a long process to make fresh noodles and means starting to make dinner at an earlier hour. Relax, fresh noodles can taste just as fresh the next day and even stretch to the day after that if they are stored properly.

So, let’s discuss how to store fresh noodles in order to get the longest shelf life possible for all the hard work put into making them.

how to store fresh noodles

How to Store Fresh Noodles

Storing Fresh Pasta

1) Place a layer of noodles on a rimmed cookie sheet that has been sprinkled with flour or semolina and then sprinkle the noodles with more flour or semolina. If you have a screened shaker, it makes things easy and uniform (if you don’t, see additional info below).

2) Place another layer of noodles on top and again sprinkle with plenty of flour or semolina. Repeat this for all your noodles, without going above the rim of your cookie sheet.

3) Cover the tray loosely with plastic wrap and then place it in the refrigerator.

how to store fresh noodles

4) When ready to cook the noodles, simply dust off the flour when removing the noodles from the tray. If semolina was used, most of it will fall off and remain on the baking sheet simply by picking up the noodles from the pan.

How to Store Fresh Noodles

Additional Information

For instructions on how to cook pasta, see our post on how to cook pasta.

A screened shaker comes in handy for sprinkling flour on noodles (or powdered sugar on cakes).

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