How to Make Gluten-Free Gravy

If gluten-free gravy is needed this year, here are some tips to make it possible and satisfy everyone.

Gravy is most often thickened with a roux, which is some type of fat thickened with a little flour. Without this step, a gravy would be too thin and not […]

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How to Organize a Freezer

Often a tight space, a freezer can keep foods around for very long times. Follow these tips and organize it efficiently in order to get the longest shelf life possible from all frozen items. Summer is a great time to organize a freezer, it will keep you cool while working and make space […]

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Retaining Nutrients in Vegetables

We’ve always been told to eat our vegetables.
The USFDA goes so far as to recommend filling half of our plates with fruits and vegetables in order to achieve the best nutrition on a daily basis. But… it’s important to know that how you choose and prepare your vegetables is almost as […]

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Mondays Drink – Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca Pearls are popping up in prepared tea drink establishments everywhere. These small tapioca balls, hard to start and then jellylike once boiled, are more commonly known as Boba. The boba sit beautifully in the bottom of a clear plastic glass that will then usually contain a cold and sweet tea and milk […]

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What is Muscovado?

What is muscovado sugar?

Muscoado sugar is an unrefined sugar with strong flavor. Refined sugar products, like white and brown sugars, continue through much more processing after the crystallization stage is complete.

  • Muscovado is a type sugar that is moist with a strong molasses flavor. Technically, it is […]
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    What is Ultra-Filtered Milk?

    What is ultra-filtered milk?
    What is ultra-pasteurized milk?
    Do ultra-filtered milk and ultra-pasteurized milk have longer shelf lives than regular milk?

    We will explain how ultra-filtered milk and ultra-pasteurized milks are made and describe what makes each of them both unique and similar. As far as the questions “does ultra-filtered milk have a […]

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    Valentines 2019

    Happy Valentines Day! (almost)

    Just couldn’t let the day pass without showing a few uses for the heart shaped cookie cutter. Although it’s made for cookies, this application is considered a little healthier for the actual heart.

    Don’t just think desserts when thinking of Valentines Day treats. Also […]

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    How to Dispose of Medication

    No longer used and expired medications are a problem to keep around as they can be dangerous if they happen into the wrong hands, yet they can also become a problem if not disposed of properly. Therefore, the U.S. government has created a National Drug Take-back day that occurs twice a year […]

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    Most Patriotic Red, White & Blue Sangria Recipe You Will Ever Find

    Some of you may remember the old punch bowls filled with a couple jugs of cheap read wine and then filled with orange slices… fast forward to 2015 where things are clean, clear and crisp. White Sangria is more refreshing for the summer months and provides an easy backdrop for letting you show […]

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    Confusing Cooking Terms Exposed

    There are so many different ways to cook – you know you’ve got the choice of stove, oven, grill or microwave to cook but your recipe may mention some other cooking methods or cooking terms in its instructions that you may be unfamiliar with and would like some clarification.

    We found the following […]

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