Never Mistake Cuts of Beef Again

Need help understanding cuts of beef?
Can’t figure out which cuts are best for grilling and which ones are best for stew?
Ever stand in the grocery and look at all the different names on the fresh beef packages?
Or worse, buy and prepare fresh beef and then not be able to chew […]

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Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

We’ve assembled three hearty dishes using some typical fall harvest items that are simple to prepare and then leave home and forget about. Hamilton Beach allowed us to give away one of these fine slow cookers (Dan C was the winner of this #EBDgiveaway), so read our review of the Hamilton Beach […]

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Do Freezer Bags Alter Shelf Life?


If I put my chicken in freezer bags, does that change the best-by date? Do freezer bags alter shelf life? Is it better to use freezer bags or leave meats in store wrapping? How to use freezer bags?


Freezer bags, if used properly as detailed below, can stretch the frozen […]

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Uses For Cornstarch

Cornstarch is the go to product for thickening sauces and gravies, but otherwise it tends to just sit on the shelf (good thing it has a long shelf life). Have you ever wondered what else you can do with this fine white powder?

Following are some other ways that cornstarch, sometimes called cornflour, […]

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Wild vs Farmed Salmon

The wild vs farmed salmon issue is important for a few reasons outlined below.

If purchasing the entire fish, there are subtle differences that the experts can spot. No pun intended… but farmed salmon have large black spots on their gill covers while wild salmon do not.

To differentiate between farmed vs wild salmon […]

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Layered Drinks – for a Happy 4th of July

Summertime, fireworks, picnics and of course red, white and blue everywhere possible… these are common thoughts of July 4th in America. Why not combine those fine colors into layered drinks? Here are a few different layered drink possibilities to proudly display the red, white and blue and help get your party started. […]

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How To Use Chia Seeds

Chia products, most prominently Chia seeds, are popping up everywhere in groceries. There are many different chia products on the market to choose from, but the seeds are now enjoying most of the popularity as a tiny energy booster. We’ll explore different ways to include these seeds in your diet and show some […]

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Is Kale Good For You?


Is kale good for you?


Yes, Kale is very good for you!

You probably already knew that since it is leafy and green vegetable, but kale actually goes above and beyond the normal good for you label. The health benefits of kale are multiple and have been studied extensively for possible […]

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How To Make Poached Eggs


How to make poached eggs? A common question is how to poach eggs?


Poaching, when talking about eggs, is a process of cooking the egg without its shell either in or above boiling water. This can be done in a regular pot or with a special pan designed to […]

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Gourmet Grilled Cheese Options

Or, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches With Character. Greasy grilled American cheese sandwiches are a standard comfort enjoyed by most everyone at one time or another in their life. But you really have to think outside the box (the Velveeta box in this case) once and awhile and try another take on the old […]

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