What Is Molasses


What is Molasses?


Molasses is the juice from the sugarcane plant. Once the sugarcane is cut and crushed the juices are extracted and boiled and then placed into a high-speed crystallizer. The dark, sweet, thick and flavorful amber colored syrup remaining after that process is called molasses. It often comes in regular and robust flavors, the latter being used for slow cooking protein meals.

Molasses is generally pure and natural without preservatives, yet does not need refrigeration.


What Is Molasses

What is Molasses Used For


Molasses is most popular for its vital role in the making of molasses, ginger or spice cookies. But, this sweet, thick flavoring can be used to flavor all sorts of things. Molasses can be used for baking, for marinades and sauces that stick to ribs and mix well with beans and for toppings that add flavor to things like hot cereals and coffee.

For a pageful of illustrated recipes, visit the number one manufacturer of molasses and get advice straight from Grandma herself.

In a pinch, Molasses can be used as a substitute for sugar and/or brown sugar.

What Is Molasses

Additional Info - What is Blackstrap Molasses

What is blackstrap molasses? This molasses is darker in color, much thicker, intense and more mature than regular molasses (it’s considered the highest grade yet is basically the bottom of the barrel). You will not want to use this molasses in recipes. You will find blackstrap molasses in health stores because of its high concentrations of nutrients and minerals like copper that can help improve hair quality.

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