Dessert Wine Pairings

This a table of dessert wine pairings for the novice. If you are a sofisticated wine connoisseur, then let us refer you to Food & Wine magazine.

But, if you are a beginner and just don’t want to mess up your night then check out our table for a quick reference of what wine is recommended to go together well with which dessert.

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Wine Pairing Background

The motivating concept in pairings of any kind is “mouthfeel”, the physical and chemical interaction of the pairing in your mouth.

The secret to pairing a wine with a dessert is to try and match the sweetnesses of the food with the sweetness of the drink. The chosen wine should be as sweet or sweeter than your dessert. You don’t want the dessert to be much sweeter than the wine because if the dessert is too sweet then it will “dry out” the wine and make the wine taste bitter.

So, what wine goes with chocolate? As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we will focus on wine pairings with desserts. Dark chocolate is the easiest dessert to pair with wine since it has the less sugar content than most other desserts. For gifting, the best advice is to taste the pairing beforehand since it is really just a matter of taste when you are pairing wine with desserts (as long as you remember the secret). The following table contains suggested wine pairings for Valentine’s Day or any day.

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Dessert Recommended Wines
Fruit Tart  French Sauterne
Vanilla Desserts & Cookies  Gewurtzraminer
Dark Chocolate  late harvest Zinfandel
Milk Chocolate  Tawny Port wine, Vintage Port wine
Lemon Desserts  Ice Wine (Eiswein)
Creme Brulee  Port Wine
Ice Cream Desserts  Ice Riesling, Sherry or Muscat
Salted Chocolate  Sherry
Apple Desserts  Apple Ice Wine
Almond Desserts  Almond Champagne

What You Can Do

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Or, forget the wine and pour some Kahlua over rocks to enjoy alongside a slice of kahlua cream cheese pie.

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