A Food Waste Solution Gets a Nod from Mr. Potato Head

We do a lot of talk about the huge problem of food waste and small ways that everyone can get involved to do their part. We’ve mentioned the twisted fruit movement before in our keeping produce fresh post. Now, we want to report on a “celebrity” joining the cause… Mr. Potato Head! That’s right, a reshaped Wonky Mr. Potato Head is joining in the movement along with Asda groceries. Hasbro created a limited edition Mr. Potato Head that is being auctioned off in Europe with all proceeds donated to Fareshare to help feed the hungry.

A Food Waste Solution Gets a Nod from Mr. Potato Head

Wonky Mr. Potato Head
Who cares what shape it is, it will taste the same… Even Wonky Mr. Potato Head fits the same accessory pieces as Mr. Potato Head! Wouldn’t these fruits and vegetables, that grew up the same as their perfectly shaped cousins, look better on grocery shelves than smashed in a landfill? If you agree, then see our additional information section below for ways to join the movement along with wonky Mr. Potato Head.

What You Can Do

Additional Information

Here’s the link for the European auction to own this limited edition wonky Mr. Potato Head. All proceeds go to the charity Fanshare. Last we looked the current price was around $300, but there are 3 days left to bid.

Go to the Ugly Fruit website and read the letter to Walmart and then sign the petition to help convince grocers that you would buy some of this misshapen produce rather than see it thrown away.

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