How to Clean a Waffle Iron - Easily

The issue with cleaning most waffle irons is that they are electrical and therefore must not be submerged in water. If waffles are cooked right and don’t stick, then cleaning may not be a priority. But, cooking oils do add up regardless and should be cleaned after each session to avoid a greasy build-up.

If waffle irons have non-stick surfaces, which they mostly all do now, are sprayed with a shot of oil before cooking the problem of how to clean a waffle iron should be minimal. If the iron was not sprayed, was not a non-stick surface or the batter included sticky ingredients that we not completely submerged in the waffle batter, then you can save yourself some time and effort by reading this article on how to clean a waffle iron.

clean a waffle maker

How to Clean a Waffle Iron - Easily

The easiest way to avoid cleaning a waffle iron is, of course, to avoid making it messy. A waffle recipe that contains enough melted butter and no miscellaneous ingredients is generally enough to keep a waffle iron pretty clean. Once you begin adding ingredients like fruits and chocolates, that will melt and burn onto the iron if they are not completely surrounded by batter, things can get pretty messy.

Steps to Clean a Waffle Iron

The easiest way to clean a waffle iron is, just like with most all cleaning, to do it as soon as you are finished making waffles. The longer anything sits, the more settled it becomes.

So, to clean a waffle machine easily follow these simple steps.

  1. Unplug the machine after making the last waffle.

  2. Immediately place a thin wet towel on the bottom plate of the waffle iron and firmly close down the top of the iron.
    A terry towel, cloth towel, washcloth or paper towel can be used for this purpose – just be sure that it is wet so that it does not burn.
    Warning – there will be brown oily stains on the cloth when finished, so be sure to use a clean rag or a paper towel for this purpose.

  3. clean a waffle maker

  4. Allow the towel sit between the grates while enjoying your waffles.
    The resulting steam from the hot iron meeting the wet cloth will loosen any caked on batter or crumbs that may have stuck in the holes.

  5. Open the waffle maker and wipe out the iron with the towel.
    If there are stubborn pieces clinging to the grates, then use the tip of a wooden chopstick to push a wet paper towel or clean rag around all of the grooves in the waffle maker.
clean a waffle maker

How to Clean a Waffle Iron - Easily

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