Worldwide Hangover Solutions

This post might be a little late for your New Years morning, but might assist after the various parties that 2020 may bring. Here’s hoping you don’t need them, but let’s look at some worldwide hangover remedies that at least some folks have come to rely on when needed.

Hangover Solutions

In the U.S., we might rely on drinking lots of water and taking an aspirin in order to relieve hangover symptoms. Elsewhere in the world, they’ve got many other varying ideas. Here are some common hangover remedies that are popular in various locations.

Poland likes pickles.
Pickle brine contains vinegar, which contains many natural electrolytes to help the situation. It also contains salt, which helps to restore electrolytes.

Hong Kong prefers Ginsing tea.
Ginsing root contains compounds that bolster the immune system and aid in digestion.

Scotland creates a Highland Fling.
It’s a pint of buttermilk that is spiked with cornstarch, salt and pepper. This doesn’t sound too appealing to us, but lactose does raise blood sugar levels that alcohol’s effect on the liver has already lowered while overindulging.

India uses Coconut water.
This drink is rich in minerals and thus restores fluids in the body by replacing lost electrolytes and adding antioxidants to help repair damaged cells.

Japan embraces Umeboshi.
This dried and pickled fruit contains citric acid which helps to replace lost electrolytes. Try oranges and bananas for a similar result.

Thailand takes to spicy noodle soup.
The soup broth provides needed hydration, noodles absorb some alcohol and garlic and onions help with the immune system.

Shanghai grabs Ginger.
Ginger is easily accessible and rumored to help with many things, especially gastrointestinal problems. It can’t hurt to give ginger a try, whatever the problem.

For sure there are many, many more. We’d be interested to hear of any other solutions that you may have tested in the past. Please post them in the comments section below, as those who are still searching for their own personal solution may find anything helpful.

Hangover Solutions

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