Tempting Water

Eight glasses – that’s how much we’re all told to drink every day. Some people drink water bottles (an easy way to keep track but a lot of plastic for the dump), some people use the tap for water (easy and economical but often not very tasty), some use a filtered container system in the fridge (cumbersome filling each glass), some have a spout on the fridge (convenient but often slow to flow), and some have large containers of water delivered (bulky but handy).

However you get your water, here’s a growing trend that you may want to consider. It not only adds a little flavor sparkle to water, but at the same time adds a little decor sparkle to your kitchen. The only drawback here is that you need to have a good ice maker in your freezer in order to keep the water constantly chilled.


Tempting Water

Watermelon Water

How to Make Tempting, Tasty Water

Just fill your container in the morning with plenty of ice, your favorite cut fruit and/or vegetables and/or herbs and you’re set with refreshing water for the entire day.

Here are a couple of Flavors that we like:

  • BERRY – Add washed raspberries and blackberries to the container.

  • STRAWBERRY – Add washed sliced strawberries, try with mint leaves too.

  • KIWI – Add peeled and slice kiwi, nice addition to strawberries too.

  • CITUS – Add either washed sliced lemons, limes, oranges or all three.

  • WATERMELON – Pictured first above, dice some seedless watermelon.

  • CUCUMBER – Add washed & sliced cucumber, very refreshing.

  • CUCUMBER & MINT LEAVES – Sounds strange, but my personal favorite.
  • Have fun with your own combinations and add a twist to your 8 glasses a day!

    Additional Information

    Here’s a couple containers that we like:

    A casual, less expensive version, which since it’s unbreakable plastic is perfect for our house is the Creativeware water container.

    A fancier glass display, which glass does add glamour and stability, is the Paris hammered glass water container.

    The reason we like these two is is because of the wide openings at the top to allow for whatever you might want to put in the container and make it much easier to clean. Then the fact that the spout is at the bottom of the container, yet raised up from the counter to allow for a glass underneath is very practical. Containers without a platform need to sit on the edge of the counter, making both a sticky floor and a chance of being knocked off at my house.

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