Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven

This Hamilton Beach easy reach toaster oven is handsome and efficient. Thanks to Hamilton Beach for sending us one to try out and for offering another one of these #easyreach ovens to a lucky EatByDate reader!

After reading our take on this little oven, be sure to see the ‘additional information’ section below so you’ll know how to enter our contest.

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Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven Review

toaster oven

The reason that I wanted to check out this toaster oven is because of my propensity for receiving burn marks on my knuckles from reaching into toaster ovens to re-adjust the items that always seem to burn in the back while the items in the front get under cooked. I know better, but always seem to think I can get away with reaching in and then… singe… that top heating element gets me almost every time! We tend to use a toaster oven a lot, especially in warmer weather, since it’s convenient and pre-heats faster than a big oven. But, the “chicks dig scars” isn’t so true when they’re on your own hands and look more like age spots. So, when I saw this rolling top toaster oven, I was more than intrigued.

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven Review

Here’s a few things we found out about this oven.

  • The lid worked really smooth, super easy to open & close. Actually, too easy for the men over here who showed me how it banged at each end of opening.

  • The oven would be great if you are tight on counter space since it only measures approximately 16″x11″x9″ and no extra room is needed when you open the lid.

  • It holds an 8″x8″ pan, a 9″ pizza or 4 slices of toast. For us, that’s small since we are used to a 6 slice toaster oven.

  • The roll top cover (#easyreach) allows for you to carefully add toppings to your dish. But, in reality, you are only given a few extra inches of reach than with a conventional pull open door.
  • nutella brownie

  • The roll top, a crumb tray and wire rack are all removable for easy cleaning. Being able to soak the glass cover could be a plus for messy cooks like me.
  • nutella brownie

  • Good heat retention and even browning properties were both realized while making these Nutella brownies. I didn’t even need to rotate the pan while cooking.
    nutella brownie
  • Additional Information

    This little oven is available @hamiltonbeach and @Target.

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