How To Tell if a Melon is Ripe

How To Tell if a Melon is Ripe?

Picking just the right fruit can be frustrating. Not so much with a little berry, it’s the larger melons that can be a challenge. It’s good to know how to tell if a melon is ripe.

Once I carried a huge, heavy and expensive watermelon home only to cut it open and have it burst it’s sticky water all over the counter and down the cabinets to the floor! Not only was it a mess, but I was left scrambling for something to bring to our block party as I was left with only the rind from my watermelon.

Following are some tips to help you avoid such a situation by recognizing how to tell if a melon is ripe.

How To Tell if a Melon is Ripe

How To Tell if a Melon is Ripe


  • Give it a knock, knock as if it was a door. If it sounds hollow then it is ripe.
  • Look for a melon with a nice oblong shape that has a creamy yellow patch on the bottom side showing that it laid on the ground long enough to naturally ripen.
  • Also, make sure the melon is firm to the touch.
  • Cantaloupe

  • Look first for an indented stem area, that means that the melon came off the vine at just the right time. If the stem area indents slightly further when touched, then it is perfectly ripe. If the stem is pointed outward then it was picked too soon.
  • It should have a slightly sweet smell, but if the smell is too vibrant then the melon is overripe.
  • Also make sure the melon is without bruises or mold.
  • Honeydew

  • You want a smooth rind on the honeydew that is either white, yellow or a pale green. A bright green melon is not yet ripe.
  • A ripe honeydew should also have a slight fruit aroma and be slightly soft at the stem end.
  • How To Tell if a Melon is Ripe

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